Monthly Archives: October 2013

Matika + Trae >> Auburn Engagement

My fiance lives in Auburn, and over the course of our two and a half years together, I’ve spent my fair share ofView full post »

The Stiefel Clan >> Family

Around here, church family isn’t much different than biological family. You know them most all your life, see themView full post »

The Blair Bunch >> Family

I couldn’t have asked for a more easy going, fun bunch than these folks! Both of these beautiful girls were soView full post »

Jessica + Tyler >> Engaged

I was already excited about Jessica and Tyler’s engagement session because it’s always fun to work withView full post »

Abigail >> 2014 Senior

I’m not that much older than Abigail (4 or 5 years, I guess) but I can always remember her as being a little girlView full post »

Brandi >> Sunrise Bridals

Brandi’s bridal session was booked along with her wedding and engagement months ago, but these images were takenView full post »

Rachael + Scottie >> Married

These days, being married for 15 years seems almost like a miraculous feat. It’s also sort of miraculous from aView full post »