Libby >> 2017 Fyffe Senior

I think I’ve photographed more Fyffe red devils this year than ever before, and it’s always great to get seniors from new schools in front of my camera! Libby’s senior session was especially fun because I got to photograph so many different looks. It’s not that Libby brought tons of outfits, but rather each one really showed a piece of her personality. After hair and makeup with Tasha, we started in downtown Scottsboro with our most dressy look– a navy, a-line dress with cute pearl detail. This outfit was so timeless and elegant I knew we had to have a setting to match, so we shot with an old brick wall and a beautiful white doorway.

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If you know Libby personally, I’m sure you know she was ready to get out of that dress and into her basketball gear! She brought two uniforms, so we were able to use both in different locations to really mix it up and give her images more variety. The red Coca Cola wall (yes, you’ve seen it before) was the perfect compliment to her black and red jersey, and it was fun to do something totally different than what I’m used to with that location. When we finished up there, Libby switched into her white jersey and we got a few shots with her beloved (and awesome) Camaro. That same location provided us with a really pretty spot for Libby’s next outfit, a burgundy top and jeans, which was casual but still super cute.

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Our final stop was at the Jackson County Park, where we found the most gorgeous light to end our session. This was in September, before we really saw any color on the trees, but the golden sunlight coming through the leaves gave some warm fall color. I loved hanging out with Libby and her mom, who are some of the funniest, sweetest people ever and I love all her images too, but I think my favorite is the final image of Libby laying in the grass. The light is perfect, her eyes are absolutely stunning and I just think it totally shows her beauty, inside and out!

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Will >> 2017 Fort Payne Senior

Look, everybody! I FINALLY got to photograph a senior guy! I was so excited about Will’s session, because I haven’t photographed any class of 2017 guys yet. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE my girls, but boys are always a fun challenge since I have to think outside the box, and also try to ease the suffering of smiling for an hour straight ๐Ÿ˜‰ I’ve taken several trips to the Fort Payne football stadium this year, but Will was my first football player. We shot on the field, in the stands, and at the field house, and then moved over to the baseball field for more shots there. Will’s mom couldn’t make it to his shoot, so Will and his dad came to me with plenty of strict instructions, I’m sure! The guys were totally in their element for our sports photos, even though their photographer was clueless when it came to baseball.
Fort Payne footballFort Payne High SchoolFort Payne baseballFort Payne high school senior
When we finished up at the school, we headed into town. I started at one of my favorite spots, an awesome set of white metal stairs that I’m sure you’ve seen before if you’re familiar with my work. After that we ventured to a nearby park, which I had never shot at before, but wanted to try out. It totally paid off and the images of Will in his pink shirt are some of my favorites! A couple of the poses we came upon accidentally. Will would make a move, or stand a certain way and I’d just say “Wait! Do that again– that looks great!” I love when my seniors act natural in front of the camera, and allow me to capture who they are and what they do, without having to be too posed or feel uncomfortable.
guy senior pose
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We wrapped up our session at another cool spot I hadn’t visited in a while– Big Mill. The building itself is great, but I love using the open area where part of the building used to stand. It was the perfect spot for a few photos of Will with his truck, which we of course HAD to have. I had so much fun with Will and his dad, and I hope all their images lived up to mom’s expectations!
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Krimson >> 2017 Fyffe Senior

Krimson was my second Fyffe senior of the year, and we chose to shoot her senior portraits at Little River Canyon which (if you haven’t noticed) is becoming one of my favorite places. I photographed a wedding at one of the canyon overlooks back in July, and before then I didn’t even know they existed! Since then, I’ve used them several times for my seniors, including Krimson. We started at my favorite overlook, where I was so excited to find the most beautiful yellow wildflowers blooming. Usually the images I take towards the end of a session are my favorites, but I absolutely LOVE the ones we took in the wildflowers in Krimson’s first outfit.

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After the overlook, we hiked down into the canyon for Krimson’s next look. The weather has been so dry lately that there’s less and less water to shoot with and more and more rock. I do like that I have more options for places to shoot in the canyon, but I hate seeing it so thirsty! We were able to find a couple spots that had beautiful sunlight reflecting on the water, and we took full advantage of those!

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Krimson’s last outfit was probably my favorite. Her purple lace shirt was perfect with her skin tone and her hair, and really made her blue eyes pop. When I asked if she was willing to hike down towards the falls, she didn’t even hesitate! I love when my seniors are brave and willing to try new things for me:)This last shot of Krimson is also one of my favorites– the light, the wind, the colors– everything was just right for this image and it was the perfect way to end our session.

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McKenzie >> 2017 Fort Payne Senior

Three times so far this year, I’ve had the opportunity to take some photos in Fort Payne’s football stadium. This time around, it’s where we started McKenzie’s session in her Fort Payne soccer uniform! Thus far I’ve photographed football players, baseball players, cheerleaders, basketball players and now we can add soccer players to that list! Right off the bat, I loved McKenzie and her mom Brandi’s bubbly energy. Even though it was miserably hot, they were in great moods and that made my job so easy. While we were shooting at the stadium, I learned that they actually play their soccer games there! My school didn’t have a soccer team, and even if we had, I am far too uncoordinated to play, so I thought that was a really interesting.

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After our soccer shots, McKenzie wanted to shoot in a more urban environment, so I decided to take the scenic route through town and try to locate some new places. I immediately loved the peeling red paint and climbing ivy on a wall we were passing by, so we pulled in to shoot there first. My favorites from this set are definitely the ones of McKenzie in the wide-brimmed, camel colored hat from my KC Senior Style Closet– it was the perfect accessory to her look!

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McKenzie and her mom also requested some photos in her blue and orange, since she hopes to attend Auburn in the fall! Susan at Elizabeth’s Closet helped pick out a great outfit for this future Auburn tiger, and we kept with the urban theme– incorporating alleyways, metal staircases and sidewalks around Fort Payne.

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We capped off our shoot in one of my favorite “secret” locations, which never disappoints around sunset. McKenzie had a couple different looks for this location, and both of them had unique vibes that really made the most of where we shot. Her first outfit for this spot was a blush colored maxi skirt and denim vest, which I thought looked so soft and feminine against the tall grass and sunset light. Her last outfit was an adorable blue romper and black hat, which was probably my favorite look of her entire session. I love how the last few images really capture McKenzie’s sweet personality, and I hope it shows how much fun we had during this session!

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Bailee >> 2017 Plainview Senior

I got to photograph another beautiful Plainview High School senior a few weeks ago, and just like Aubrey incorporated her hometown of Collinsville into her senior session, Bailee did the same with Rainsville. I was a little apprehensive when she told me she wanted to shoot under Chavies Bridge. If you’re from the area, you know that big, blocky bridge doesn’t have a lot of aesthetic appeal. But once we hiked down to the creek, I was pleasantly surprised by the beautiful greenery and clear water. It was also while we were shooting at this first spot that I found out that Bailee and I are actually distant cousins! It’s seriously a small world, especially when you live in a small town ๐Ÿ˜‰

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Next we headed to Plainview High School, my old stomping grounds, for some photos with Bailee’s basketball gear. I thought it was so cute that she brought three basketballs to represent her number, 3! I love the shots we got with her basketballs and her jerseys, as well as the more simple shots of Bailee sporting her school colors in front of some classic PHS “landmarks.”

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When we finished shooting at the school, we traveled just down the road to Bailee’s grandfather’s place, which had the most beautiful willow tree by a picturesque pond and a perfect old wooden shed. Bailee’s embroidered navy top complimented the vibrant greenery and the rustic barn wood so perfectly and I love how it made her eyes pop!

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We wrapped up our session at another spot Bailee and her mom picked out– an open field just at sunset. I LOVE the flower crown they had made for these shots and the sweetness it added to Bailee’s last look. We almost ran out of daylight, but managed to use that to our advantage and get every last bit of that sunset-y, golden goodness just before the sky got dark enough for some cool silhouette shots. I love the diversity of Bailee’s images and how each location was special to her– exactly the way your senior portraits should be!

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