Abbie >> 2017 Plainview Senior

I’ve been taking Abbie’s pictures for several years now, and I almost couldn’t believe it when her mom Amy contacted me about senior portraits! It’s crazy to look back at the first photos I’ve taken of Abbie and see how much she’s changed and grown up. I arrived at our location a little early and was super excited to shoot, when I had a serious “uh oh” moment– I didn’t bring my reflector. Any of my previous KC Photo seniors can tell you, the reflector is LIFE. It brings in light when I want to shoot in interesting places that are a bit dark, and it makes everybody glow like little baby angels. So yes, I was devastated that I was an hour round trip from home and couldn’t get it without running out of daylight. At that point, I knew I’d have to get creative. The easiest thing I could do was find natural reflectors in our surroundings– white walls, light colored pavement– things of that nature. We also got REALLY creative by using my white SUV to bounce light, and having Amy hold a sheet of white paper (and at one point, a white dress) near Abbie’s face to brighten it up. Yes, I have these behind the scenes photos, and yes, they are hilarious.

Despite my absent mindedness and being forced to improvise, I love the way Abbie’s images turned out! She had so many cute looks, and it doesn’t hurt that she’s built like a supermodel. Her outfits are perfect examples of how to layer in hot weather! You don’t have to add a sweater or scarf to get a layered look; sometimes all you need is a cute bralette peeking out or a flowy sleeveless vest. And the two outfits we ended with at Little River Canyon were simple but stunning with all the natural surroundings.

The canyon gets dark early since it’s down in a hole (ya know, as canyons are) so we were racing against the setting sun once we got there. By the time we shot the last few images, it was almost dark and I was having to do some serious camera magic to get decent images. But what looked like decent images in camera turned out to be gorgeous with a few Photoshop tweaks. So despite fighting light during this entire session, we made it work and the end results were beautiful, just like Abbie.

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Iva >> 2017 Crossville Senior

Iva decided to do her senior pictures on her grandparents’ farm, and I loved the idea– especially after I saw how beautiful the place was! This wasn’t my first foray into farm senior portraits. You might remember Andrew‘s session I shared on Flag Day, or 2015 seniors Heather and Jackson. I love these sessions because not only are they more personal for my seniors, they also give me an opportunity to shoot in new locations and challenge me to think outside the box of my usual shots!

We had so many options when it came to shooting on the farm, and each one helped us achieve a different look. We found some gorgeous flowers that perfectly complimented Iva’s floral dress and of course I had my eye on the swimming pool from the moment I arrived ๐Ÿ˜‰ I think my favorite shots are the ones we took in the front yard with Iva in a cream colored sweater (which she actually got from her grandmother– how cute is that?) and suede skirt. To me, the images just look so Ivy League– like we shot on the grounds of Harvard or Yale (someone PLEASE make this happen for me!!)

Iva was worried that her denim-on-denim look would be overboard, but I absolutely loved it and thought it looked great for the more traditionally farm-y images we shot last. Of course we had to include hay bales, a wooden fence and a stunning green field. Also, we were #blessed with the most stunning sunset light as we wrapped up shooting in the field. I couldn’t leave without at least asking if Iva wanted to take a dip in the pool for me. She was totally game and even dived in for our last couple of shots! I couldn’t have asked for a more fun, easy going client and I’m so glad Iva chose to be a KC Photo senior!

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Jacey >> 2017 Plainview Senior

Jacey was my first C/O 2017 Plainview senior, and it’s always fun shooting with guys and girls from my alma mater. It’s cool to me that we’ve walked the same hallways, chanted the same cheers at football games, and even had some of the same teachers. A lot has changed at PHS since I was there, and I know my seniors are having a different experience than I did in some ways, but Plainview bears will always have a special place in my heart ๐Ÿ˜‰

We shot Jacey’s session at a private home in Rainsville (after a slight mishap where I drove to The Highlands subdivision in Hammondville only to realize I was supposed to be in The Highlands subdivision in Rainsville:)) I have no sense of direction, and trying to navigate to my location without GPS turned out to be a real bad call. But after I arrived a mere 15 minutes late, we were able to get started at this beautiful place! I’m used to shooting out in the middle of nowhere or in downtown areas, so it was SO nice to be able to take a break in between looks and cool off in the house. Jacey was even able to re-curl her hair a couple times and keep a check on her makeup.

Her first look was a colorful floral top, and I knew it would be so pretty against the green grass and all the plants around the property. I was particularly obsessed with this tree that had HUGE leaves that made a perfect backdrop. Jacey’s second look was simple and classic– black top, shorts, and Converse. I was amazed at how nice her Chucks were– mine are *literally* falling apart at the seams! We got some shots in this outfit down by the big pond, and even got to see the fish freak out and start splashing around when the automatic feeder switched on. Jacey ended her session in a blue swing dress and PERFECT golden light.

I somehow managed to convince her to get in the pool for the final few shots, and I was obsessed with how beautiful the images looked on the back of my camera. This was the first time I got to shoot a senior in a pool, but I kept the trend going with Iva’s session, which you’ll see on the blog next! And ya know, there’s actually only been one senior so far this year (gorgeous Courtney) that I HAVEN’T thrown into a body of water of some sort! So here’s a fair warning to my upcoming 2017 seniors, you MAY get wet on this crazy ride ๐Ÿ˜‰

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Kaitlyn >> 2017 Fort Payne Senior

I love when things come full circle. It’s so fun as a photographer to see your clients grow and change, and to document the new phases in their life. But it’s also fun when clients become friends, and even better when you get to work together! You guys might remember Kendall from her senior session two years ago. Now, she’s one of my amazing hair and makeup artists! Kaitlyn is a beautiful Fort Payne senior, and Kendall did a great job bringing out her natural beauty.

I’m happy any time we get to incorporate my seniors’ activities into their portraits, and I was excited when Kaitlyn’s mom told me she wanted some shots on the tennis courts. The sun was crazy bright and Kaitlyn and I both may have received first degree burns from the hot court, but she looked so cute in her tennis skirt and polo! From there, we headed to the canyon, where Kaitlyn gave me serious Stevie Nicks vibes with her white dress and shawl. (If you don’t know who Stevie Nicks is, your listening assignment of the day is to listen to this IMMEDIATELY.) We also got some beautiful light after we trekked back up to the top of the canyon, before heading back into town.

We finished Kaitlyn’s session playing with some different spots in downtown Fort Payne. It’s easy to get stuck shooting in the same places over and over, so I’m always trying to mix things up so my seniors all have unique images! The awesome 70s vibe continued with Kaitlyn’s tie-front top and wide leg floral pants. I think it’s so cool to watch styles come back around (and especially 70s style when you’re a girl like me who NEEDS bell bottoms in her life.)

I’ll be the first to admit that I was NOT in a good mood the day of Kaitlyn’s session. I didn’t know it yet, but I had popped my hip out of place a couple days before and was in terrible pain. By the time we made it back to the top of the canyon, I couldn’t even stand up straight. Kaitlyn’s mom was so sweet helping me carry my bag and worrying about me as mothers do. But even with the pain, I had a great time getting to know Kaitlyn and Lisa and hope they love these images as much as I do! <3Northeast Alabama photographerTennis senior portraitsFort Payne High School tennisRustic senior sessionVintage senior portraitsUnique senior portraitsScottsboro Alabama photographerDeKalb county senior portraitsFort Payne seniorChattanooga senior photographerAlabama senior photographerCute senior portraitsFort Payne PhotographerFort Payne High School seniorAlabama senior photographerColorful senior portraitsUrban senior sessionModern senior portraits


Courtney >> 2017 North Jackson Senior

Everyone knows how much I love my seniors, and I’m having the best time working on all these summer senior sessions! School is back in full swing now, so we’re scheduling around classes, sports schedules, extracurricular activities and more, which makes things a bit more stressful for my seniors. What’s great about summer sessions is how easy they are– wake up late, get pampered with hair and makeup, and then be a supermodel for a day ๐Ÿ˜‰

Courtney was my first North Jackson senior of the year and she opted for the on location hair and makeup package with Tasha, which is perfect for hot summer days when you know you’ll need a few touch ups! One thing I love about my girls getting hair and makeup at K Roney (besides the fact that they always look flawless) is that there’s the cutest garden area in the back where we can grab a few shots before we head out to our other locations! From there, we headed into downtown Scottsboro to hit up a few of my favorite spots. Courtney was the first senior I’ve shot in front of the repainted Coca Cola mural and she absolutely rocked it!

When Courtney told me she brought sunglasses for a few photos, I was sort of amazed that I had never thought to tell my seniors to bring shades before! They were the cutest addition to Courtney’s portraits and I love the fun, timeless vibe of those particular images. We wrapped up our session in Jackson County Park, a place I had never shot before but only driven through. I knew we’d be able to find some beautiful light and I was not disappointed! I had a “Kayla moment” (anyone who’s shot with me before knows that’s when I get distracted by some crazy idea) and asked Courtney if she would stand on a tree stump for me. Yes, a tree stump. Yes, I am a crazy person. But I LOVE the resulting images. I feel like Courtney’s some nature goddess, looking out over her domain. (I already told you I’m crazy.)

Courtney’s session was a mix of so many great looks– from girly, to timeless, to whimsical– and so much fun to shoot, even in the sweltering Alabama heat. I think we were able to capture something just a little different in each set of photos, and I’m super happy with the results.

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