Madison + Clint >> September 16, 2017


I am so excited to be bringing something new to the blog– weddings!! In the past I’ve posted photos from my weddings mainly on Facebook, but I love the quality and style I have here on my own site. So be on the look out for more beautiful wedding days to be featured here in the future!

Until then, I hope you enjoy drooling over this gorgeous wedding day from last weekend! The forecast predicted sunny skies, and we were completely caught off guard when it started pouring rain. Thankfully, the downpour only lasted a few hours, and Madison and Clint had beautiful weather for the rest of their big day! These two got married at The Barn at Blue Pond in Sylvania. This was my first time shooting at this particular venue, but I’m seriously hoping it won’t be my last! The ceremony site is absolutely stunning and the barn itself is beautiful too. Check out some of my favorites from the day below, and leave a comment to show the new Mr. and Mrs. Willoughby some love!



Taylor >> 2018 Sylvania Senior

It’s hard to believe it’s already time to start photographing my 2018 KC Photo seniors, but I’m so excited to have a new crop of amazing young people in front of my lens! Seniors are my passion and I absolutely love treating their sessions like a special occasion and making them feel like celebrities for a day. Taylor got the full celeb treatment, included on location hair and makeup with our amazing stylist, Kendall. Professional hair and makeup is so important because it not only makes you look and feel amazing, but also makes my job easier in post processing, which means you get images back faster!

Taylor was lucky and was able to get some of my last sunflower pictures of the year before the flowers died:(I took SO many pictures in these fields this past year, and I’m already brainstorming for next year! I can’t even deal with how cute Taylor looks in her flowy pink dress and that wide brimmed hat– total Southern belle! The field was our first stop, and after that we headed to the stadium for some cheer pictures!

fun senior portraitssunflower senior sessionsunflower field portraits

Taylor was my first 2018 senior, and I’m hoping to see lots more Sylvania rams before the school year is done! This was my first time shooting at Sylvania’s football stadium and I am loving the way their new bleachers photograph. We didn’t spend a lot of time at the football field, but still got so much variety from all the different spots we were able to shoot at. I think my favorite images are of Taylor in front of the Go Rams! mural.

Sylvania ramsCheerleader senior portraitsNortheast alabama senior photographerChattanooga senior photographer

Taylor’s last looks were super casual and super summer-y, which looked great with all the beautiful greenery we have right now! Fall colors are gorgeous, but I’m going to miss all those luscious green trees and plants. We had some amazing sunlight during Taylor’s session and I think it just makes her images pop even more. I mean, blonde hair, blue eyes, and sunshine– what more could a photographer want?! I hope you love Taylor’s images as much as I do, and stay tuned to the blog for lots more senior sessions coming up!

DeKalb county photographerAlabama senior photographerAlabama senior photographyScottsboro senior portraitsFort Payne senior portraits
Alabama senior portraitsSylvania seniorsTennessee senior photographerrustic senior portraitscolorful senior portraits


Anna >> 2017 Scottsboro Senior

I was beginning to think I wouldn’t have any Scottsboro seniors in my class of 2017, but Anna showed up after the new year to book her session and I am so glad she did! As soon as I walked into the studio where Kendall was finishing up her hair and makeup, I knew that we were going to get some amazing, unique portraits with this girl. From the fringe that she cut herself to the wire rimmed glasses, Anna had such a fun style that I couldn’t wait to capture.

We shot Anna’s portraits in early March and it was FREEZING! With Alabama weather, it’s so hard to predict how the temperature will be so you can plan outfits for your shoot. I have shot on a cold, windy day on a Monday and then sweated through one on Tuesday– you just never know! Luckily, Anna had a good mix of warm and cool weather clothes so she got some respite from the chill. The image below of Anna walking in her checkered jacket and black floppy brimmed hat with the sunlight glowing around her is one of my favorite images not just from her session, but from the whole year!

Scottsboro seniorsChattanooga senior portraitsUrban senior portraitsScottsboro high school seniorScottsboro wildcats

Anna’s second look was cute and casual, and she sported her glasses for some of these shots. I joked that she looked like an archeology student who was about to get pulled into an adventure with Indiana Jones, but seriously, I love this look! We used one of my favorite sets of steps to give these images an urban feel that was a little less modern than the previous set in her white coat.

Alabama senior portraitsTennessee senior photographer

Anna’s next outfit was a bit more dressy, but still worked well in the urban environment. I love the rich, dark velvet against Anna’s porcelain skin, and the contrast of those soft elements with the harsh background. Not sure if you can tell from all the adjectives I’m throwing around, but I was seriously inspired by this girl’s session! By this time, the sun was getting low and so was the temperature, but we had one last outfit to shoot before we ended our time together.

downtown fort payneScottsboro senior photographer

We started with this last look in town, and then made our way to my favorite little spot up on the ridge. This blush color was so pretty on Anna, and she even made it her own by getting rid of some larger stones that came on the dress. We hurried up to our last location to beat the sunset and I tried to shoot quickly before we froze! I was wearing a big warm peacoat, so I wasn’t feeling it too much, but I had to lend it to Anna while we were getting our shots set up because I hated seeing her shiver! I am obsessed with the last few images from that day– so soft and romantic with that amazing sunset light. We covered a whole range of looks that day, but each one was unique to Anna’s style, and that’s what I love most!

modern senior portraitsindustrial senior portraitsunique senior portraitsromantic senior portraitswhimsical senior portraits


Alexis >> 2017 Fort Payne Senior

Earlier this year, I had the honor of photographing the 2017 Fort Payne High School valedictorian! Of course I love getting to work with all my seniors, but I know from past experience how much work it takes to get to the top of your class (I didn’t work quite hard enough and only came in third) and I totally admire Alexis for that! Besides being smart and talented, you can also see that this girl is gorgeous! She opted to upgrade to our on location hair and makeup option, so Kendall came along with us to work her magic.

Alexis was a master at getting the most out of her outfits. We were switching up tops and jackets and sweaters in just seconds and creating completely different looks! You can see in the second outfit below, all Alexis had to do was trade her white and grey jacket for this fur trimmed sweater and it looked like a new outfit! This is one of my top tips for getting the most out of your session with me.

Urban senior portraitsChattanooga senior portraitsFort Payne high school senior

Next, Alexis switched into a dark green faux leather dress which looked great on her, but can we focus on the obvious here for a moment? How amazing is this girl’s hair?! It’s the perfect golden blonde color and she has TONS of it. The shot on the right here is practically a shampoo ad. This dress looks like it was made for these locations, and I love the urban twist with the leather material on a more feminine silhouette. Alexis also threw on a white peacoat over top of it and gave me some serious Gossip Girl vibes! Yes, I was basically transported to the Upper East Side with these images.

Fort Payne wildcatsAlabama senior portraitsTennessee senior photographerdowntown fort payne

Alexis’s next outfit is actually a dress that I have in my KC Senior Style Closet, but this was her own that she brought along! I knew as soon as I saw it that I wanted to photograph her in front of the theatre, with the neon lights in the background. Kendall also switched up Alexis’s hair for this look with that amazing halo braid, which was perfect for these fun shots. I also love the little pop of color with her bright pink earrings! I made Alexis do a lot of twirling in this fringe dress, but the pictures were turning out so cute I just couldn’t help myself:)

Scottsboro senior photographerfun senior portraits

In addition to being valedictorian of her class, Alexis was also DeKalb County’s Distinguished Young Woman for 2017– a competition I was a part of way back in the day when it was still Junior Miss! She brought along this stunning dress which she wore for the talent portion of the competition and I knew we would have to get some movement in these images. There was plenty of running, hopping, tossing the dress and playing of Taylor Swift music to get these shots to look exactly how I wanted, but I adore these images now– so fun and colorful!

modern senior portraitsunique senior portraitscolorful senior portraits

And of course, we had to get a few pictures of the valedictorian in her cap and gown. Usually when I’m shooting senior sessions, my seniors don’t have their caps and gowns yet, so they’ll borrow from a friend who graduated the previous year. But nobody knows the difference, so we’ll just keep that little secret between us, okay? ๐Ÿ˜‰ Alexis has also been signed to a golf scholarship at Birmingham Southern College so we had to get a shot with her framed admissions letter, too! This girl’s future is so bright and I can’t wait to see where life takes her!

Fort Payne high school valedictorianvaledictorian senior portraitsd


Taylior >> 2017 Crossville Senior

It’s always interesting to see which schools my seniors come from each year, and this year I was lucky enough to have several Crossville High School seniors! I don’t usually see a lot of Crossville lions in front of my camera, but you might remember Logan‘s session from last week, or Shyann and Iva‘s back in the fall. Taylior’s session worked out so that we got to shoot in several very different locations and pull off a lot of great, unique looks! We started in one of my favorite spots, with the bamboo patch that I use so often for seniors. I just love the colors in the bamboo and how well they compliment more muted tones, like Taylior’s mauve colored top.

outdoor senior portraitsfort payne seniorphotocrossville lionssenior portrait pose

Taylior’s second outfit was a stunning crimson colored dress that was perfect with the dark green of the evergreens and the weathered wooden fence we shot beside. My favorite thing about this set of portraits is how obvious it is that Taylior can go from an adorable laugh to a gorgeous serious face in no time! Seriously, this girl has “the smolder” look down pat.

northeast alabama senior photographynortheast alabama senior photographerrustic senior portraits

Taylior’s dad gifted her this session, and they opted for on location hair and makeup with my fabulous stylist, Kendall. This means that after they finished Taylior’s first hair and makeup look at the studio, Kendall came along with us to the rest of the shoot to make sure Taylior’s look stayed perfect! She also gave Taylior a second hairstyle once we left our first location and headed to a more urban area. The braid is subtle but was still a great way to switch up the style in these portraits!

While we were shooting in this spot, I became a bit enamored with a big, fluffy kitty that was lurking nearby. I honestly would’ve probably chased him down, had I not been such a professional. (That’s sarcasm– in reality I was calling “here kitty, kitty, kitty” and plotting how I could get him to stay in my car until we were done shooting.)

fort payne senior photographyscottsboro senior photographerurban senior portraitscolorful senior portraitschattanooga senior photographer

We ended Taylior’s session at the softball field and I seriously love these shots! I don’t often get to do girls’ sports portraits like these, so it’s always fun when I can keep things more on the light, playful side and not have to worry about making them look “tough” like I do with my guys. The final, black and white image here is one of my favorites from the entire day, and Taylior actually has a huge (30×40!!) print of it! I loved getting to know this beautiful girl during her shoot, and I also love how all of her images turned out!

crossville high school seniorscrossville high school softballunique senior portraitssports senior portraitssoftball senior portraits