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I was beginning to think I wouldn’t have any Scottsboro seniors in my class of 2017, but Anna showed up after the new year to book her session and I am so glad she did! As soon as I walked into the studio where Kendall was finishing up her hair and makeup, I knew that we were going to get some amazing, unique portraits with this girl. From the fringe that she cut herself to the wire rimmed glasses, Anna had such a fun style that I couldn’t wait to capture.

We shot Anna’s portraits in early March and it was FREEZING! With Alabama weather, it’s so hard to predict how the temperature will be so you can plan outfits for your shoot. I have shot on a cold, windy day on a Monday and then sweated through one on Tuesday– you just never know! Luckily, Anna had a good mix of warm and cool weather clothes so she got some respite from the chill. The image below of Anna walking in her checkered jacket and black floppy brimmed hat with the sunlight glowing around her is one of my favorite images not just from her session, but from the whole year!

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Anna’s second look was cute and casual, and she sported her glasses for some of these shots. I joked that she looked like an archeology student who was about to get pulled into an adventure with Indiana Jones, but seriously, I love this look! We used one of my favorite sets of steps to give these images an urban feel that was a little less modern than the previous set in her white coat.

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Anna’s next outfit was a bit more dressy, but still worked well in the urban environment. I love the rich, dark velvet against Anna’s porcelain skin, and the contrast of those soft elements with the harsh background. Not sure if you can tell from all the adjectives I’m throwing around, but I was seriously inspired by this girl’s session! By this time, the sun was getting low and so was the temperature, but we had one last outfit to shoot before we ended our time together.

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We started with this last look in town, and then made our way to my favorite little spot up on the ridge. This blush color was so pretty on Anna, and she even made it her own by getting rid of some larger stones that came on the dress. We hurried up to our last location to beat the sunset and I tried to shoot quickly before we froze! I was wearing a big warm peacoat, so I wasn’t feeling it too much, but I had to lend it to Anna while we were getting our shots set up because I hated seeing her shiver! I am obsessed with the last few images from that day– so soft and romantic with that amazing sunset light. We covered a whole range of looks that day, but each one was unique to Anna’s style, and that’s what I love most!

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