Seniorologie Nashville Shoot Out

A couple weeks ago, I had the privilege of attending a shoot out and workshop in Nashville, sponsored by Seniorologie! Myself and about 25 other photogs spent all day Saturday learning from three amazing professionals who taught us so much more than just photography! We also had the opportunity to shoot with six stunning models, each of whom was styled after our fashion inspiration for the day, Taylor Swift. Each girl had a unique look and brought their own fun personality to the set! For the first time, I got to play around with studio lighting. To be honest, I was totally unexcited at first. But after getting my settings just right and getting more comfortable in the environment, I fell in love with the images I was able to get! I was head over heels for the variety of different shots I got to capture– from the light, airy images shot on the white backdrop, to the drama of our studio light set up, to the urban vibe of the factory behind the studio!

I so look forward to implementing all the things I learned at the Seniorologie shoot out into my KC Photography Senior Experience! My goal is always to give my seniors a once in a lifetime event where they feel like absolute rock stars, and every bit of knowledge that I glean from others in the photography world helps me build a better experience for my amazing clients.


August 10, 2015 - 7:55 pm

Jeffrey Tiemann - Hey Kayla!

Just came across your site, and your work is fantastic! I really appreciate your sensitivity to your clients and your connection with the natural environment. I am also a photographer, Based in Yorktown, Virginia. I specialize in Senior Portraits, but I also accept many other types of photography as well to my studio. Here’s my blog: Anyways, I really admire the work you’re doing here and I wish you tremendous success in everything you do! Please touch base any time! Jeff

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