Abby >> 2015 Sand Rock Senior

As I finally wind down from the madness that is October-December in photographer-land, I’m getting a chance to slowly start back with blogging all these great sessions I’ve been shooting! I have a really hard time acclimating to the time change, and Abby’s session was right around the time the days starting getting short without me realizing it. After her hair and makeup was done in Scottsboro, we headed towards Guntersville to get some shots by the water (and of course, my favorite willow tree.) I should also mention that I failed to accurately judge the distance between the two places– big oops! As I drove, the sun was getting lower and I knew I had to find another spot along the way. I was scouring the road on both sides, trying to find a spot that would just maybe work for a few close up shots. Instead, we found the most beautiful little area just off the main highway– wildflowers of all kinds, big beautiful trees, tall sage grass and maybe one little tiny no trespassing sign. We shot over half of Abby’s images in this area, which I had no idea existed until I sped by on the highway.

Lucky for me, Abby had shown me her outfits beforehand so I could get an idea of where we would need to shoot, and our little secret spot was perfect for all her gorgeous flowy, lace-y, clothes. Tasha at K Roney’s Hair Salon did an amazing job (as usual) pairing Abby’s makeup and soft curls with her outfits for these perfectly girly senior portraits. I had a great time with Abby and her mom, who were totally on board with all my ideas, including “Hey, since you’re a cheerleader, why don’t you give me a big pretty jump from this duck poop covered dock?!” Good luck with your senior year, sweet girl!

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